11 comments on “Sundays Stills: PENJUAL KUE CUBIT in Sepia.

  1. Ello shy guy. 🙂 As far as I know there is the only one seller of this pinch cake. something like new variant in common pastries. As you know, food is always phenomenal, even it is sold on the street side.

    Incidentally his location is in a strategic place,close to schools, post office and commercial buildings.


  2. Muhammad, the sepia is a good choice for that photo. Perhaps sometime you will tell us more about your mother and her memories of the 1940s. I’ve been viewing movies of World War II and, of course, Indonesia was right in the middle of what was going on in the area between Japan and Indonesia.

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    • Thank you very much, Kathleen. Someday I will write about my mother’s memories of her life in those times. I have to collect the stories that were told to my older sisters since we have no photo documentary available. Best wishes for you and yours.

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