14 comments on “Flowers Of The Week: GARDENIA Jasminoides

  1. Lovely photo! It brings back memories of my grandmother’s house on a subtropical island off the coast of Georgia, USA. She had a gardenia growing in a pot on a glass table in the sunroom – it’s fragrance was mesmerizing, and its pure white symmetry was so pretty – not to mention the handsome leaves. Thank you!

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    • It seems to be a nostalgic plant for most people in our age. That’s why I grow this flowers at my house yard to remind my memory of my parent’s favourite plant.

      back to the 1870s, in our country, gardenias only could be found at the residences of nobles, the king’s palace and state officials of Dutch East Indies. In 1950, after Indonesia’s independence, it began popularly grown by ordinary people, included at my parents’ house yard. Remembering this plant grew very tall, forming large bush, so huge for a child-size like me.

      In 1960s I saw not many anymore then didn’t remember when it was completely disappeared in our hometown.

      Last two years my gardenias was removed from where it used to be because a part of the land is used by my daughter to build a house. It has taken months to re-gain its flowers.

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  2. So glad your gardenia is thriving again. I love the old plants that bring back memories. We used to have lots of lilacs in Christchurch gardens. Hardly see them at all now. How lovely that your daughter could build next door to you.

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