18 comments on “Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: S-C-A-L-E

  1. I remember also a tree with big fin-like roots of which you posted a photo, maybe a year ago, you commented that that there was nothing to give the tree scale, so that the size was not apparent. Recently you posted an older photo with yourself and a beautiful woman that not only gave scale as to size, but reference to personal associations with that gorgeous tree and the scale of time. In some locations memory and love causes time to collapse and in others to stretch out into enternity.

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  3. No, not now anymore. We knew that she was only eager to know how it worked, what were those things for, etc. after that usually back to her Barbies. Maybe she just imitated some women operator at coal mine where I used to work. I use to visit the site and once in a while I took her along with me to the mine area.

    My granddaughter doesn’t play with them but I let her know what they are and I told her it was her uncle’s toys. 😀


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