26 comments on “KEPOK BANANA in my garden

  1. What a terrific exploration of this important plant – from looking up to looking in, and the tasty results… I like seeing the flowers with their tiny fruit, already looking like a banana, and that you noted its squared off shape. We only see the “regular” variety around here, and maybe the very small ones sometimes. I know there are many more varieties but I don’t know much about them. Thanks!

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    • Our connection is to share what we have in our parts of the world. who knows one day this banana will be a worldwide famous as one of favorite plantain, then you have a chance to taste its delights.

      Thank you for your wonderful words, my dear friend.


  2. How tall is that tree? How do you get the fruits and flowers down? Do you shimmy up that slippery looking trunk with a machete in your teeth? Banana trees in Florida are smaller and make fairly dense groves, when allowed. The wildlife, and dogs, like to lick the sticky sap from the trunk.

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    • The tree is about 5 to 7 meters high. Of course we don’t have to climb up the tree to get the fruit down. We just cut the trunk off because banana bares the fruits only once then it dies.

      In tropical country like Indonesia, it is a heaven variety species of bananas from small to large plants and this one is the largest among them. If you have ever seen a coconut tree or oil palm tree it’s about the same size in diameter and the fruits is about 5 to 8 custers (120 to 180 pieces), or 25 to 50 kg, and 12 to 16 cm long each piece.

      It has huge leaves that can extend to 5 meters long. Like other family, it makes dense groves also and can takes over around 30 to 40 square meters of ground.

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      • Fruits once. I did not know that.

        I had one small tree that had three trunks. They seemed fine, returning every March, after the cold February freezes, but no fruits, no flowers. Then one year it looked terrible and the animals wouldn’t leave it alone. I thought they killed it, or the weather. But probably the animals ate the good parts, and it died on it’s own.

        Thank you for all of this interesting information.

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      • Maybe you have to provide a green house in which you can adjust and control the temperature . I don’t know much about the weather in your place, they need warm climate with fully sun ray. The bananas that grow in shady place, such as under dense canopies they rarely have flowers or fruits.

        My pleasure to share it with you.

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