4 comments on “PESTA RAKYAT BOGOR – CAP GO MEH 2015 dan KOTA BOGOR.

    • Wartos abdi sae kang Mas.Apakah di Yojo musim hujan?

      Hadeuuh, meriahnya bukan kepalang deh, sampai susah menikmati karnafalnya, Mas. Kayanya panitia event-nya cuma konsentrasi sama kedatangan Jokowi tuh. 😀


    • This is another unique tradition in my country, not few organizers use some Shamans to effect the rain and we called them as “Pawang Hujan”. They usually recite mantra (spells?) wishing God to relocate the rain to another place instead of on the event will took place. It really sounds weird but many people believe so and most of efforts worked. 🙂


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