14 comments on “MBOK JAMU (Ms. Herbs)

    • I m so glad you enjoy this post, Blue.

      The herbal medicines had been known hundreds years or maybe thousand of years, then in 19th century produced largely by some family companies before pharmacy exist in our country. Now the technology has been applied to the processing of Jamu, so people can buy them in form of sachets or capsules. Nevertheless most people prefer the traditional one, fresh and no preservatives.


  1. I learn so much from your posts. I think that there is a renewal of interest in these types of medicines as more information comes to light on how important herbs are in the healing of our bodies and minds..

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    • We believe it is so important to put herbal medicine in the context of the healing of our bodies and minds. Plant medicine offering a powerful connection to knowing ourselves as intrinsically part of this earth.
      A wider change on traditional medicine had happened throughout the world, many large pharmaceutical industries looked at how connection to traditional plant medicines is part of wider change needed to support and sustain health and vitality.

      Thank you for your nice thought and joining the discussion.

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    • Mas Wien, terima kasih telah berkunjungi blog saya. mohon maaf, saya tidak bisa menjawab pertanyaan Mas, karena saya belum pernah meracik jamu. Di sini saya hanya posting tentang mbok jamu dan sekilas mengenai jamu saja. Semoga bisa menelusuri pencariannya di Google. 🙂


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