16 comments on “Inspiring WILTED FLOWERS II

    • Non, aku melihat bunga2 yang anda tanam keren2 dan kalau saya tinggal berdekatan dengan rumah anda, tentu sudah saya samperin tiap hari sape layu pun saya ttp suka. Danke shoen. 🙂


  1. It is amazing how many examples of the human life cycle is represented in nature. The first shot, with the wilted, full bloom, and bud is perfect to illustrate this pattern. Flowers symbolize so many facets of life, for even the wilted flower is not useless, it provides nutrients to the buds just beginning and when it drops off, it will nourish the earth. This is a lovely portrait of life. Thank you for sharing it. May God bless you mightily.

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  2. I’m wrinkled and crinkled as well as wilted! It is a challenge to capture the image of wilted; in both person and plant. In your photos, you make the wilted seem as natural and beautiful as the rest of the plant.

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