14 comments on “Flowers Of The Week – Lotus return.

  1. I’m so happy that you were able to bring this lotus to full fruition. It is beautiful and majestic. I grow gladiolas in my flower garden and they failed to come up last year or this year. I was dissappointed as they are my favorite flower and I do not know why they failed. They came up every year for five years but perhaps they could not take the harsh winter that year. Regardless, I know what you mean when a treasured beauty you look forward too fails to thrive. Congratulations, the lotus is beautiful.

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    • My previous lotus had been with us for years and they used to bloom throughout the years. they were dead a few days after I poured fertilizer in it’s pot too much. Now I must be more careful to treat them. I love lotus, Unique and beautiful.

      Gladiolus/ Gladiolas requires an average rainfall 2.000-2500 mm per annum with air temperature 10-28 degrees C. It also requires full sun. Less than optimal circumstances will cause stunted growth and development of the plants. In Indonesia, gladiolus can be grown throughout the year, both in dry season and the rainy season. if the air temperature is below 10 degrees C longstanding, the plant growth can be halted. The maximum air temperature gladiolus growth is 30-34 degrees C, sometimes it can adjust to the air temperature 40 degrees C, if the soil and air humidity are relatively high.

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