1. Wonderful pictures of wonderful flowers. I have heard about places where there are stringent time limits on photography but I have never been to one yet. Why do they have those limits at the Bogor Orchids Garden?

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    • the receptionist told me that on weekdays the garden is less visited than on holidays so they can manage to look over the numbers of visitors easily. They also limit taking picture time from 10.00 am (opening time) to 3 pm-Flash lighting is not allowed since it can be harmful to the pollinated flowers ( I don’t know if it is true according to the botanical science), small sign of “No touching the flowers” are also scattered everywhere. At early morning they do pollination on some flowers and water-sprinkle the whole garden. However, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for nice conversation, Dennis.

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    • I am so sorry for late respond my friend. Mount Raung is located in Eastern part of the Island while we live in the western side, around 850 km far from that active volcanic mountain. Bali Island is the closest place and positively effected area, especially by dust clouds. So We are quite safe from its activities. However, we are so close to the son of Krakatau (Krakatoa) which is also ever active one among the volcanoes on Java and Sumatra. Thank you for nice words and thought. Best wishes and bless for you also. ❤

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