17 comments on “ART IS NOT A COMPETITION

  1. The moment, we find something catching our attention and focussing it’s individual meaning to ourselves is the moment we win uniquely, even before taking a picture. Nothing could be better than these moments (… and I agree with The Jagged Man’s words).

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  2. These thoughts and words applies to life in general – you cannot be good at everything, but everybody is good at something. As a teacher this is something to live by, to try to convey to every student. Being young today is not easy – it has never been easy – but I believe life is getting more and more complicated and difficult. Many times the endless possibilities is not so good for the young.
    I am more than middle aged and find it difficult to be happy with what I have achieved…like you speak about “competition”…so, every day I have to convince myself that I am good enough the way I am.

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    • Excellent!…. at a young age under 12 years, schools have implemented a method of tracking the child’s talents, it will be possible for parents and children are aware of what is his interest.
      Thank you for sharing your thought with us.

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