9 comments on “Supposed they were not flowers

  1. I know Indonesia is a very, very big place, and Sulawesi is far from where you live, but still, I’m very sorry to hear about the terrible losses from the earthquake and tsunami. I’m glad your area was not affected.
    These are beautiful studies of flower forms. The first one looks a lot like an anemone – from the sea. The last one I recognized as being in the milkweed family, becasue we have several flowers in the US in that family and they all share structural details, like the five-pointed star flowers in clusters, and the pods. It’s always fun to see a relative across the sea, if you know what I mean – simialr plants that grow very far from each other. Have a good week, my friend!

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    • Thank you for your sympathy for what happened in the central Sulawesi Island.

      Yes I understand what you meant by the milkweed family. The Crown Flower (Calotropis gigantea) which is so different with other five-pointed star flowering plants can be found in most Southeast Asian countries to tropical Africa. It is always appreciated to have a discussion on what we have in our parts of the world.

      Thank you so much

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