8 comments on “LONG TIME NO SEE

  1. Yes, it’s been a long time, but what a pleasure it is to hear from you again. These two photos give some idea of the riches of your landscape, a landscape that I hope to see more. Just to see flowers and butterflies from your garden again would be wonderful. “A few stiff moments” is an interesting and very poetic way to talk about how it is when people haven’t seen each other for a long time. I hope you’re doing very well, my friend! Take care.

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    • Thank you Bluebright and thank God for connecting us again and it turns out our friendship has not changed so far.
      In your place, the same things might happen where at first there were lots of beautiful flower gardens and lots of butterflies dancing every day but since last February everything has to be locked down. The Coronavirus pandemic is causing everything to be abandoned and this world has undergone many very tense changes. What will struggle to get back to how it was before, and what might change forever?


      • Those are big questions! I do think some things will change for a long time, but it’s hard to know what they are. I hope people do not remain isolated from each other, and I hope people learn to trea the earth better. I think it’s going to stay tense at least until the end of this year. One good thing is that where I live, for a few months there were not as many people in the parks so maybe the animals had a chance to live more freely. We have had a really beautiful spring season here, with lots of flowers. 🙂

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