11 comments on “The Commen blue butterfly

  1. These are such beautiful photographs. The first one is amazing – you were very skillful to be able to see and photograph the butterfly-like that. And I love seeing so many of them together. We have a small blue butterfly that might be related. It’s grayish-blue on the back and the underside looks a little like these. The shape is similar, too. Of course here, they are only around in the summer.

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    • I’m sure it’s the same kind of butterfly that I had photographed.

      I made this article based on my observations a few days ago after the cycads in my garden were eaten by caterpillars, which I previously found was a tiny beautiful butterfly perched there for several days.

      Currently, it is starting the rainy season in my place.

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      • I hope the caterpillars did not do too much damage! It’s hard for me to imagine them eating cycads because I think of cycads as being very tough plants. One of our small blue butterflies is Plebejus icarioides – maybe you can look it up and compare it. Have a wonderful week, and I hope the rainy season brings just the right amount of rain – not too much, not too little. 🙂

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      • Unfortunately, All of the shoots were already damaged.
        This is something that is beyond my expectations and the first time this has happened to my cycads which is decades old.
        in fact, the cycad shoots are very soft and crunchy.

        My place is safe enough from water disasters, although we don’t expect that to happen anywhere else.

        I am so glad that I always have nice chat with you. Have a wonderful week for you and yours also.

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  2. Very interesting, and I’m sorry your Cycads were damaged that way but I guess that’s life. You never know what nature is going to do next. 🙂 Yes, it’s really good to share what we find in our very different environments. Thanks! 🙂

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