Dear All,

I would like to thank all of my wonderful blogger friends who have nominated me on these amazing cyber awards. These are very exciting moment for me and I am proud to accept them. Writing small acceptance had been becoming a tradition  and I do really care.

So what can I do?….  All of  you are very important for me, you are enriching my life with more fun. It is I am.

Great appreciation to all friends who have been participating on the following awards :


Saya ingin menyampaikan terima kasih kepada semua teman-teman blogger saya yang luar biasa  yang telah meniminasikan saya pada penghargaan maya yang menakjubkan. Ini adalah saat yang sangat menyenangkan bagi saya dan saya bangga untuk menerimanya. Menulis sedikit tentang penerimaan penghargaan ini telah menjadi tradisi dan saya benar-benar sangat peduli.

Jadi apa yang bisa saya lakukan? …. Anda semua sangat penting bagi saya, Anda memperkaya hidup saya dengan lebih menyenangkan. Ini adalah saya.

Penghargaan yang sangat besar untuk semua teman-teman yang telah berpartisipasi pada penghargaan-penghargaan dibawah ini:




Thank you Petrel41 for making my 2015 a nice start.


Liebster Award



Atiba on :

DearkittySomeBlog on:

Semper Fidelis award



Very Inspring Blogger Award


… and also to Tails from Paris for this :

My gratitude to a wonderful Blogger friend Dearkitty for this award :

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg

from Shaun :


Thanking you Ajaytao for three blogger awards all at once :

Another lovely award from one of my dearest friend, BeWithUs :

Reality Blog Award

Thanking you my dear Dearkitty/petrel41 for :

One Lovely Blog Award

I picked up this from Ajaytao2010, Thank you :

The Shine on Award from Shaun:

Shine on Award

Big thanks for Ajaytao2010 on :

The Loyal Reader Award from Shaun :


The most influential blogger from  Shaun and  Jeanin Jackson :


Many thanks to Yassmin Elnazer  and Noor Gharbo  on this beautiful award :


I love this label from Shaun and Cristi :


My acceptance to Shaun on Liebster Blog Award : – Soleh, – Any kind of music, – I was a very naughty boy, – hundreds and 1 is a Holy Book I like best, – Yes I do, – Rice, – Just plain waters, – White, red and yellow, – Loving her was easier than anything.., – I didn’t remember, – They do for most. 🙂


Joëlle Jean  in :

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

parth893 in:


iamforchange in his wonderful sharing page on various awards .

Shaun  and Rubblog in :

Shaun  and Petrel in :



Christoph Fisher in :


Ajaytao2010 in:



Shaun in:

The Versatile Blogger Award

Shaun in:


photographyartplus  , Shaun  and petrel41 in:

Shine on Award

petrel41 in:


petrel41 in:


desertrose in:

Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpeg

elleturner4   and petrel41   in:



Scottie in:


Xavi Geis in:





91 comments on “AWARDS

    • What so kind of you, Shaun. I am so grateful and delighted that you have included me on your list. Congratulation for your deserved award and congratulation for all wonderful bloggers you’ve nominated. Thank you very much for your support. Blessing


      • My pleasure.
        I try and share with the people who inspire me the most in what I see them doing on here.

        You are welcome.



      • Kinda yeah mate….I am blogging my pain all the time, and I think in doing so I am keeping the pain in my mind. This is part of my illness. So I am going to stop blogging that. If a blog happens it happens. But I am all over everyone else’s blogs and replying..And I am not closing my blog down. I hurt my myself BADLY last Saturday so was a bit pissed off. I am still here 🙂

        All good, I done a blog tonight on the Terrorism attack today in I felt it worth the debate…

        Ta mate


      • I understand. It is the best choice you’ve decided . The physical law is based on cause and effect. Sickness comes if one does not take care of one’s health . In my religion, Allah sometimes allows some people to suffer to test others, how they react to them. Allah is there with that suffering person to test his charity and his faith. I hope you will pass the test and better your life and family’s. take care, my friend.


      • Check my last blog… This was what was causing mean to talk stupid..


        Thank you a LOT mate!!


      • As you can see, the medication is a LOT…And it does strange things mate…

        But truly, thanks for your reply…


      • Thank you mate. I have stopped awards. this was a while ago was it now?

        Anyway 🙂


      • I am sorry I did not know.
        Are you ok now bud?
        Hope it was nothing serious.

        Let me know please


      • I think being kind here is the reason I an here, I did say last week, I am going to try visit more blogs. I don’t visit enough.
        I am glad you are doing ok…


      • You know something. I learnt the HARD WAY about this, and WELL SAID!! I started to blog here about my pain, what it was doing to me, Kinda looking for help. Reaching out so people would reach back, and they did. But without knowing it, I was keeping thoughts of my pain to the front of my mind..

        Wise words!!


    • I hope you feel better with it. Remember, we have to heal our mind too, there are so many people are suffering from the pain more than what we got. I have ever got a pinched nerves in the spinal that paralyzed my right hand and leg for many years. The doctor told me that I had to get an
      operation on it but I resisted because I knew the risk is fifty-fifty. 19 years ago I recovered totally well. what a miracle for me.


      • wow..
        You give me hope. That is some story.
        I am glad you are better and recovered.


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