Hello my dear friends. I am home again safely. I was really granted with all easiness during the travel owing to all of your prayers. Once again I am Thanking you very much for that.

I miss you all !,

At the moment, I am thinking about to fill out my blog with first two stories that tell about…….

beyond the pilgrimage copy


Well, I am still exhausted from a long journey actually and many neighbors and relatives will come over to see my arrival within these weeks.

Thank you for your patience


Hallo sahabat. Saya pulang lagi dengan selamat. Saya benar-benar diberikan  semua kemudahan selama dalam perjalanan berkat semua doa-doa Anda. Sekali lagi saya berterima kasih banyak untuk itu.

Saya rindu kepada anda semua!,

Pada saat ini, saya berpikir tentang mengisi blog saya dengan tiga cerita pertama yang akan menceritakan tentang …….

Tetapiii, saya masih lelah dari perjalanan panjang sebenarnya dan banyak tetangga serta kerabat akan datang untuk melihat kedatangan saya dalam beberapa minggu ini.

23 comments on “UPCOMING ON MY BLOG

    • Thank you very much for visiting this page and I am so glad you like this idea. I hope you would do the same on your wonderful blogs so your blogger friends and other readers are able to know interesting things you are going to post. Even there are lots of things posted incidentally, that doesn’t make any different, at least we have some plans more focused to fill our blog. so good and fun. 🙂


    • Hi Ann, Long time no conversation. Thank you for your thought. It’s just to motivate myself that at least I must write a certain selection subject on my blog. I am so glad I can see you are in good health. Best regards for you and yours. 🙂


      • Yes, long time…I’ve been working so hard and only been able to try keeping up my posts. Now I have one week vacation – so I will enjoy all beautiful and interesting blogs again!


      • I am too. I have been working hard during the week and often work until midnight assisting the local government on the General Election for People Representatives. This evening I am waiting for a call from the plenary session which has started on Saturday morning. I am not sure what time it is going to be my turn since I am the 18th Voting Organizer. 😦


      • My comment went out the back door it seems…Well, I’m organizing the elections too – this spring for EU and this autumn the ordinary Swedish elections. Have been doing this since the 1980’s. What a coincidence!


      • Ah Yes what a coincidence!. Sorry for not to respond quickly. I went to the forum last night, but what had happened? the session was postponed because all the organizers were getting exhausted. So it will be continued this Sunday. Next June our people is going to vote for the President and the voting will take place right in front of my house.


  1. Welcome Home! I am so glad that you had such a fruitful trip and now you get the extra special treat that only comes when one goes away from friends and family. Being reunited with those who love you after an absence is very special. I pray an abundance of affection and love be showered upon you so that you will have little doubt how much you mean to all who share the path you walk in this life. Blessings upon you and welcome back.

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  2. greetings, i m glad to know you. may i introduce my self to you. my name is Rani from muncang – jasinga. hopefully can meet in hometown. heee 🙂

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