9 comments on “Carl Milles and his HAND OF GOD

  1. I didn’t know that one of his sculptures belonged to you in Indonesia! Millesgården is a fantastic place, and all Swedes admire his work immensely. I’m glad you entered this post – thank you for teaching me something new about Carl Milles!


    • Hi Ann-Christine, “Bogor Presidential Palace” housing over 350 sculptures that scattered all over its vast beautiful garden. Most of them are taking Indonesian Models well worked by International famous Sculptors, like Carl Milles. One more sculpture done by Milles I recognized is “the Pegasus”. Thank you.


    • You are most welcome, Gallivanta. I have seen this sculpture many times either when I visited the Botanic Garden and the Palace then it just cross my mind that I want to post it on my blog. I am grateful that you like it.


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