24 comments on “Against EARLY MORNING sunlight

    • Kathleen, you are absolutely right. Not only the signs but more of them are small and gigantic billboards too. Those occurs everywhere in my country, they are all rubbish to me. None of us can avoid this mismanagement on advertising practice from all local authorities. You can imagine such of these very disrupting things covers all beautiful places all over the country. I am personally so sorry. 😦 . Thank you for your perfect comment and I am so pleased to explain this. Best wishes


    • The freedom of movement, the freedom to choose a way towards the challenge because life is our choice, isn’t it? I always love to hear your wonderful words, very deep feeling. Have a great day, Rebecca. Thank you πŸ™‚


    • Ah syapa bilang. Sama aja Mas Bams. Di sini semraut banget! apalagi sedang ada PIL PIL gitu, memang si photo calon-calonnya keren-keren, tapi kenyataannya sudah jompo smua. wkk.


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