14 comments on “What Do You Think : TRAVELING FASTER THAN LIGHT

    • Meanwhile, the scientist are studying and doing experiments on this based on the theory of relativity and the research is intended to travel in space.
      Theory of Relativity discuss the structure of space and time as well as on matters related to gravity.


      What has happened in the past ( 14 centuries ago and before) was about Metaphysical truth (dogmatic) that does not have to be proved in any sense, but rather a believe. Whether or not valid does not a matter while it’s believed. But at the other side, humans have been given the freedom to penetrate, traverse and explore the entire / zones of the heavens and the earth or the universe with the capability possessed by them. When Travel faster than light is possible, it means both the achievement and the prove of the past event.

      Henceforth we wait for the progress of the science to be able to reveal what we can see and feel for living in a better life for all mankind.

      Thank you very much for presenting your thought, Adin.

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  1. I think time and space can fold, condense, stretch and be rearragned, however we have fragile bodies. Spirit can sometimes move about. I also believe there are infinite universes that do not have the same reality as this one. They are all interconnected, superimposed and infinite in sameness and difference.

    DAY ONE DARK by Hans Zimmer for the film INTERSTELLAR (official soundtrack)

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